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Carribean Blue Calcite Pendant

$88.00 AUD

Embrace the infinite wisdom of the Caribbean Blue Calcite, a precious gem that awakens the mind and channels the unique psychic abilities within for elevating one's consciousness.
Let Caribbean Blue Calcite be an enduring companion on your quest for enlightenment, immersing you in the loving embrace of nature and the boundless knowledge that lies within. Allow its calming radiance to illuminate your path, awakening the dormant energies of your being, and guiding you towards the abundance that awaits you.
In your next meditation, let the Caribbean Blue Calcite guide you to a place of serenity. Draw its gentle energy inward, allowing yourself to be overtaken by a wave of calm. It is in this tranquil state that the physical body drifts into the ethereal realms, ascending to vibrations where the soul gathers endless wisdom and revelations about its purpose.
Measuring 30cm long, handcrafted with waxed polyester cotton, bronze and coconut shell beads- adjustable.

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