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Black Tourmaline Pendant

$60.00 AUD

Unveil the potent protection of Black Tourmaline, a mineral with deep spiritual origins and global truth.
Beloved as a spiritual guardian, this timeless gem symbolizes safety and solace, an eternal companion in troubled times and spaces.
Black Tourmaline's vibrations create a protective shield around your auric field, deflecting the effects of negativity. It stands tall, sturdily safeguarding your surroundings with an energizing shield...
Perfect for those struggling with anxiety, rage, or intrusive thoughts.
Black Tourmaline has the ability to soothe chaotic emotions and purify emotional states, bringing a gentle, calming effect.
However, this stone offers more than defense.
An alchemist, Black Tourmaline absorbs dark energy, transforming it into luminous form. Negative energies that surround you are not just repelled, but converted into something more powerful.
Connect with Black Tourmaline to establish balance within your physical frame. This gemstone unleashes its energetic potency.
Measures 31cm
Handcrafted with waxed polyester cotton cord, silver beads. Adjustable.

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