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Banish Ritual

$57.00 AUD

Before casting a circle some witches will perform a banishing ritual to clear the space of non-physical influences such as spirits or negative energy where their circle will be. 

So, whether you’re banishing to clear your space before casting a circle or banishing negativity in your home the ingredients in this one are all about just that.
Banish & be gone! 

  • Rough & Tumbled Black Tourmaline- A highly protective crystal. Cleanses and purifies, enhances energy flow, making it an excellent stone for healing, dispersing tension and stress, and removal of blockages.
    When in its rough form, it has stronger properties than tumbled.
  • Agrimony- protection, banishes negative energy and spirits 
  • Nettle Leaf- exorcism, protection, healing
  • Vervain- protection, purification, peace
  • Wormwood- psychic powers, protection, calling spirits
  • 70+hrs burning time
  • Frankincense fragrance