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Beeswax Tapers

$15.00 AUD

Tapered candles are an absolute must-have for any witch.
Roll them in herbs and botanicals to make them even more potent!
Use in candle spells or colour magic spells.
Available in purple, black, and white or a mix of either.
Colour references-
White- Protection, Peace, Purification, Chastity, Happiness, Halting Gossip, Spirituality, Cleansing, Clarity, Blessings, Healing, Truth, Innocence, Angelic work, Moon Magick, Rest, Dream work, Consecration, Divine Connection.
Purple- Power, Exorcism, Healing, Empowerment, Controlling, Power, Mastery, Achievement, Ambition, Truth, Transformation, Justice, Wisdom, Divination, Intuition, Wishes, Influence, Commanding.
Black- Banishing, Transformation, Uncrossing, Endings, Domination, Protection, Grief, Mourning, Absorbing, Removing, Closure, Breaking patterns, Security, Emotional safety, Repulsion, Freedom from evil, Reversing.
Hand-rolled pure beeswax sourced from local beehives.
Set of 2
Each taper is 2.5hrs burn time. 
15cm long approx
More colours on their way.