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Banish Anxiety & Manifest Your Dreams

$90.00 AUD

So, you're on this page for a reason...

You want to banish anxiety and all "those" feelings...
This stone of transformation and transition will help to stabilise mood swings and also overcome fatigue.
Which, for those of us who suffer with anxiety/depression know all too well the side effects and isolation.
Opalite, wormwood, hibiscus and peppermint all work simultaneously to strengthen the will to live and enjoy life.
Because we all deserve that. Right?
Opalite gives strength in verbalising our hidden feelings which often occurs with anxiety. Calming with its shimmering fluorescence of green, blue, red and amber hues.


Manifest Your Dreams

When you feel ready to light the wick of "Manifest Your Dreams" do so, but before you do, ensure you know exactly what you want to manifest...and be reasonable. For someone starting out, I wouldn't be asking to win the lotto! Keep it simple.

(If you're not ready and haven't dealt with your demons, your manifesting will not be as successful as it could)

Clear Quartz is a master healer and a stone of power that will amplify any energy for intention, so be careful with it! If you are not ready, keep the lid on this candle as it will amplify the energy you are in at the time..

Rose buds and petals have been added, so whatever you're manifesting you are doing it with love. 


    • Banish Anxiety
    • Opalite- anxiety, calming, stabilising, transform & transition
    • Wormwood-Protection, love
  • Hibiscus- Love 
  • Peppermint- purification, love, sleep,healing
  • 50+hrs burn time
  • Raspberry & Vanilla scent


  • Manifest your Dreams
  • Clear Quartz- amplifying & manifesting
  • Rose buds & petals- Love
  • 50+hrs burn time
  • Vanilla Bean scent

Questions? Book a time with me for a more in-depth manifesting session.