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Ammonite Nautilus Shell Pendant

$190.00 AUD

Featuring a genuine Nautilus Fossil, also known as Ammonite:
Ammonite - the perfect Fibonacci Spiral, representing all nature and the flow of life - the spiral symbol has so much power!
It reminds us to relax into the flow and evolution of life.
Australian-made Ammonite Nautilus shell, steampunk gears fossil and Fibonacci spiral pendant, copper wire wrap.
This is an exclusive, handmade, quality pendant.
Each design is a unique healing talisman, made with love, passion and intention to heal the wearer and is Reiki attuned.
Made with a natural Ammonite fossil and hand-formed copper.
A quality chain will come with your pendant.

Pendant height: 4.9 Centimetres
Pendant width: 3.7 Centimetres

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