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Welcome to the green side, witch

Psychic medium

Ness Denning ~ Psychic Medium, Wiccan Witch,
Believer In Magic Accessibility

Ness Denning is a Wiccan witch and psychic medium, who crafts eco-friendly candles with the intention of making magick accessible to all.

Her candles and spells follow a lifelong interest which stemmed from her childhood where she spent countless hours mixing potions in her parents’ garden. Flowers, leaves, feathers, and all manner of other magickal things were incorporated into her potions, establishing her
connection with the Goddess and building the foundations for her Wiccan practice before she even realised her calling.

As an adult she continues to value nature above all else and became a veterinary nurse to help all manner of animals – but particularly Cocker Spaniels, the true love of her life.
(Don’t tell her kids she said that!)

Now she brings magick to you via Boho Wicks, her online store filled with crystal-studded candles and the promise of hope, healing, and happiness.

The Wiccan Rede

An ye harm none, do what ye will

Wicca is a pagan Earth-based religion that works in sync with the natural world and the seasons. For that reason, all of my Boho Wicks candles are handcrafted by me with the health of the planet in mind and I only use organic and responsibly sourced ingredients.

I will not cast any spell that will harm or inflict someone else’s intent upon a person. That includes love spells! I love love, but casting a love spell places intent upon someone without their permission, and that’s a big no no in my world.

You are welcome here, witch (or however you identify).
Take a look through my grimoire, choose what ye will

"Not only is she lovely, she has a way of making each and every one of her customers feel a part of something really special."