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Animal Blessings

$46.00 AUD

Animal Blessings


Protective Pet Blessing

For Dogs

Diana, Goddess of the Wild,

Keeper of dogs both fierce and mild,

Hold ____ safely in your arms

And protect this creature from all harm.

And should the day come that he/she roams

Guide him/her to the patch back home.

Bless ____ with a joyful life,

Free of hardship, stress and strife.


For Cats

Bast of beauty and of grace,

Protectress of the feline race,

Shield ____ from all hurt and harm

And keep him/her always safe and warm.

Watch over ___ from day to day

And guide him/her home if he/she should stray.

And grant him/her much happiness 

And a life free of stress and strife.


Mookaite Jasper- is helpful to those who would like to practice animal communication as this stone brings awareness to our instincts and animal “knowing.” Mookaite Jasper is supportive for those who are feeling lonely or are bereaved.

Angelite- Encourages kindness and sensitivity. Will help you connect with your pet and guardian angel. You may use Angelite to put in the ground when burying a pet or animal.

Blue Crystals Bring You Trust, Faith, Patience, and Respect. All the things your animal gives to you.

Pets bring us so much joy and the bond we have with them is unspoken.

Use this offering for your pet on their birthday, a blessings ceremony or 'gotcha day'

  • Wormwood- protection
  • Rose buds- Love, healing
  • Juniper berries- Protection
  • Bio glitter
  • Made with Love and Magick 
  • Pet friendly
  • 50+ hrs burn time
  • Sandalwood scent